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Living In The Now

Living in the now, to me, means living in a way that is open to interruptibility, that is open to the movement of the spirit while making the best use of the time we have been given. Living in the now is recognizing that time is limited and time is a gift from God. Yesterday in worship I shared a poem by Wendell Barry entitled “Vacation.” In this poem he shares the experience of a vacation from a person trying so hard to capture the vacation on camera that he truly missed experiencing, living, and receiving the vacation for himself. We do that so often in life trying to track, schedule, and stay ahead of the game that we miss the now, we miss the unfolding as it unfolds. Yet the gift of time we have been given has been given to us to enter into, to experience, to enjoy…to live.

Here are some thoughts that I scribbled out this morning as I was reflecting on our time in worship yesterday, the passage from Matthew 6:25-34 and my sermon.

Today I seek to live in the now:
to recognize each moment as a gift from God;
to keep my heart and ears open to times when the Spirit whispers a different plan;
to take notice of the people around me and value the gift that we are to each other;
to see my neighbors and strangers as people, and to offer love, care, and support when needed;
to not take myself too seriously, to laugh and chuckle at the quirks of our world;
to notice the life sprouting all around in the young children, in the flowers, in the crops growing;
to notice life closing in others and giving thanks for their story and their gifts to our world;
to enter into intentional time with God to listen for God’s voice, to feel God’s movement, to rest in the silence.
Today I seek to live in the now.

~ KCH ‘2019

How are you living in the now today?
How are you celebrating the time God has given you today?
Share your thoughts/reflections below.