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Advent is coming…EARLY!

Advent is coming to Christ the King Lutheran Church early this year! Two weeks early in fact – beginning on November 14th! But why?

Simply put, sometimes trying new things means going back to old traditions and patterns. That’s right, Advent hasn’t always been 4 neat weeks. In fact it has ranged from 3 weeks to 6 weeks, to 40 days (a parallel to Lent that is still practiced by most Orthodox Christians.) “In the early centuries of the church, the length of Advent varied; sometimes it was three weeks, sometimes six or seven, sometimes forty days…The longer Advent was sometimes called “St. Martin’s Lent” because it begins with St. Martin’s feast day, which generally falls one week after All Saints.” (My Heart Shall Sing – Extended Advent Orientation by Barn Geese Worship is licensed under CC-BY-NC 4.0)

And if you haven’t noticed, there aren’t many things that are still happening “the way they always have.” It’s been a hard 20 months with so many things swirling, changing, stopping, re-starting – yet amidst that movement, that change, God is still present. God is present in the endings, in the beginnings, and in the times in-between. That is why the series, My Heart Shall Sing: An Advent series about endings and beginnings (Barn Geese Worship) connected with me.

The creators of the series write,

“The world is always ending somewhere.

It is always beginning somewhere, too…perhaps right in the same place.

This is a truth that thumps like a heartbeat beneath the rhythms of the Advent season. In early November, our lectionary readings begin to speak openly of a world that ends. The lectionary year itself dies a few weeks later, only to begin again on the same topic: endings, and the new beginnings they create…

…So what shall we do in this season, as the texts draw us deeper into revelation, deeper into endings, deeper into new beginning ushered in by Christ’s advent?

We shall sing.”

(My Heart Shall Sing – Welcome to “My Heart Shall Sing” by Barn Geese Worship is licensed under CC-BY-NC 4.0)

So let us sing…let our hearts sing as we look at the endings and closings in our lives, while leaning into the births and openings during this season of Advent, as we lean into the promise of Jesus, the promise that he will come again. And may we do so with song, with joy, with reflection, with silence, with all that we are now and all that is yet to be.

Advent is coming…

To learn more about this series and its creators go to:

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