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Faith Formation – CtK Grows

We are excited at Christ the King to explore a new pattern for faith formation (education) called: CtK Grows. This new pattern affirms the importance for all of us – no matter the age – continue growing and learning in faith. Through this pattern as well we recognize the importance of all of us to be in worship and not to have worship and faith formation compete. Finally we acknowledge that our world is a busy place and schedules get complicated.

In order to live into these three things we have created a 6X3 pattern where we will gather for 6 Sunday evenings, 3 different times during the year (Fall/Winter/Spring.) During this time there will be intentional space for fellowship and group connection time, we will provide a meal (no cooking for 6 weeks – who doesn’t love that?!), and then class time.

During the class time there will be an overarching theme and Biblical text/story for ALL ages (with two modifications for Confirmation and the 2nd Adult Bible Study). There is truly a class for EVERYONE!

So I invite you and your family to mark your calendars for the start of the Fall CtK Grows – September 15th at 4:30pm. We will gather in the Fellowship Hall for fellowship and meal, and then we will disperse to the classes following dinner. Why not bring a friend? Anyone and everyone one is invited – those who love Bible study, those who are afraid of Bible study, those who are looking for a greater connection, those who have questions that they want to wrestle with…truly everyone!

Click here to register for CtK Grows – Who Is God?

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