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It’s About Time

Tomorrow – Sunday, July 14th – we at Christ the King Lutheran Church begin a 4-week sermon series entitled, “Receiving From God: The Gift of Time.” We are doing this as part of our stewardship trimester focusing on the gift of time. Time is something we all wrestle with – to one degree or another. * Do I have time to do this?
* Is there time to fit that in?
* Can I spare an hour to help out here?
* Why can’t I get just 15 minutes to catch a nap?
Truly, when in your life has this not been a wonder or a concern?

Over these four weeks we will begin with the gift we are given in time, then how we live into the time we have now, and closing up with two weeks diving deep into Sabbath and the gift that call is from God. We will complete this series with a launch into our first Congregational Sabbath. You will receive a letter in the next week or so detailing more specifically what this Congregational Sabbath is and why we are taking it now. During this Congregational Sabbath time we as a congregation will NOT meet for business or meetings – unless they are absolutely necessary. We will not have a council meeting, we will not have committee meetings (Chapel School is an exception as the school year is about to begin anew). We will also engage in some intentional time for fellowship and worship – with an added Wednesday evening BBQ and communion service (starting this week!), regular Sunday morning worship at 9:30, and a congregational camp out and outdoor worship (check bulletin for information to reserve a space today.) There will be weekly reflections and devotions that tie into the call to Sabbath, rest, and good stewardship of our gift of time – right here on this blog (and linked to FB.) And we will encourage all to take a break, take a breather, and reconnect with family, friends, and rest.

I invite you over the next four weeks to wrestle with the gift of time we are given, the call to be good stewards of that time, and what that means for how we live our lives in the world.

~ Pastor Kim

“Every day is a gift from God. Learn to focus on the Giver and enjoy the gift!” – Joyce Meyer

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