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All are welcome! All are invited!

You may have seen these two lines appear on various Facebook posts about worship, fellowship, or other events that we have going on at Christ the King.  These are two lines that resonate with me and with the church we are called to be.  And Christ the King is very welcoming to all who come through the doors of our faith community – especially with the ignition of the Welcoming Team during the interim transition.

My question as we continue to live into the All Are Welcome! line is: but how do they come here to begin with?  This is a question I have been asking of various leaders and teams, and it is a question I am asking in one-on-one conversations with you.  I have learned that people are invited a lot by word of mouth, that we have paid some attention to the website (although that is an ever evolving and growing doorway), and we have engaged Facebook.  All of this is good, and all of this I give thanks for.  We are sharing our faith with others as it comes naturally.

Yet there is still more work to be done. In the next several months we will be doing some “new” things to begin to step further into our call to welcome and invite others into the Gospel that has claimed our lives.  We aren’t going door-to-door handing out pamphlets, but we will be sharing the love that we have found (and that has found us) in the CtK and greater Nashua community, as well as inviting others to “come and see” for themselves.  

For instance, on June 29th you will see CtK folks walking in the 2nd Annual Nashua Pride Festival and hosting a welcome booth (in addition to being a sponsor.) This is taking the next step in our call as an RIC congregation – going out into the community and inviting people into a safe space that is welcoming, affirming, and celebrating who God has created all God’s people to be!  This is good work, and we need to celebrate that.

Additionally beginning on June 30th we will be exploring a new pattern in our worship space that seeks to be more inclusive and welcoming of young children and their families.  More information is coming that includes some thoughts for young families, and thoughts “for the rest of us” as we enter into this new pattern.  It won’t be easy and there are bound to be a few bumps in the process but we think that this pattern will help us more faithfully live into the call to raise up our children in the faith, and to indeed welcome all – especially the wiggly and giggly among us.

So dear siblings in Christ, buckle up and keep your eyes on what is unfolding before us as God calls us further into the call to proclaim and live: All are welcome! All are invited!

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